Anya M Reading

Associate Professor of Geophysics

School of Physical Sciences (Earth Sciences)

University of Tasmania

Ph.D. projects and scholarships are sometimes available. Click here for a current list (pdf format) and/or contact Anya with your project ideas.

Anya is an applied physicist/geophysicist who leads the Computational Geophysics and Earth Informatics group at UTas. Visit the CG&EI group wiki which we are developing.

Anya carries out research into

with other research interests including

If you are a prospective graduate student/post-doctoral researcher/potential collaborator interested in the above topics, please contact Anya using the e-mail below. There may also be emerging opportunities that have not yet been advertised. You can also check out the publications and research links above for more information.

Anya's teaching contribution spans computational geoscience, global geophysics and applied (archaeological, environmental and exploration) geophysics. The emphasis is on understanding underlying concepts and developing a critical and creative approach to addressing applied and computational, physics and geophysics challenges in the natural world. Can we use numerical data to make better informed decisions in the exploitation of, and re-use of, Earth resources? Can we gain a deeper understanding of energy as it moves through the Earth, oceans and sky? Click the teaching link above for more information.

Admin. roles include looking after the School of Earth Sciences 'Geophysics Facilities' webpages and helping to keep the amazing range of seismology and other applied geophysics equipment at UTas in working order. Anya also serves on several UTas, national and international committees which develop or coordinate research/research facilities. See the 'CV' page for more information.

Contact Anya by e-mail using the following construct: anya 'dot' reading 'at'


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